5 Landscape Design Features That Require Minimum Maintenance

No matter where you live, if you are considering a new landscape design for your garden, there is something that your garden will have in common with every other landscaped garden, and that is the need for it to be maintained.

Whilst landscaped gardens can invariably be a quiet oasis where you can relax wherever the desire arises, the relaxation will have to stop at some point. Maintaining your garden will have to begin whether you do this daily, once a week, twice a week, or every fortnight, and it will come down to two factors. The first is how committed you are to keeping your landscaped garden looking great, and the second will be how your garden has been designed.

For the former, there is not much we can do to influence that, as each person reading this will have their individual commitment level regarding how diligent they are in garden maintenance. However, for the latter,  we can alert you to the fact that there are several features that you can include in landscape designs that reduce the level of maintenance needed for them. Read on, and we will highlight five popular low-maintenance landscaping features.

Decks, Walkways And Paths

This next suggestion is based on the premise that the fewer natural features you have in your landscaped garden, the less maintenance you need. So, by asking your deck builders to add walkways, including paving, to your landscape design, you have a scenario where the only maintenance required is to clean them occasionally and check for any damage, which should be a quick, effortless task.

Decks are great for sitting out, enjoying your garden, and entertaining friends and family. The other benefit of walkways and paving is that almost all options are available as local conditions, such as the climate, do not impact what types you can use in your landscape design.

How To Remove The Most Common Messes Made By Children From Your Carpets

We are sure any parents reading this, or those who occasionally have children visit their home, have had to deal with messes or stains caused by those beloved children and may even have had to call in professional carpet and couch cleaners to deal with the issue. Let us be honest and admit that children, even the adorable ones, can be messy, and the problem is messes and carpets are not compatible.

You may carry out regular carpet cleaning as a rule, but when children are around, the need and the frequency of that carpet cleaning may increase significantly. In a home with children, it may simply be part of your routine; however, if you only have children visiting when that visit is over, you might be faced with a genuine need to have carpets cleaned due to the mess that has been created during the hours the children were there.

Thankfully, most carpet cleaning issues that children have created can be resolved. You may hire a local carpet cleaner who can remove any stains created and give your carpets an overall clean to bring them close to as new condition as possible.

Soil Vs Mulch Vs Rocks - How To Make The Right Choice For Your Landscaping

Soil Vs Mulch Vs Rocks – How To Make The Right Choice For Your Landscaping

Many landscape designers will advise homeowners on the materials that they recommend for specific aspects of their landscape design. One of those concerns is what should be used in the various plant, flower, and vegetable beds and the walkways throughout the garden, with the choice normally narrowed down to one of three which are soil, mulch, and rocks.

Each has distinct characteristics and offers variable benefits, depending on its use, and whether they are used in the right ways and in the right locations within the garden. For those unsure what benefits and uses soil, mulch, and rocks have to offer within landscaped gardens, read on and you will discover them so that when it comes time to make your choices, you make the right ones.

The Case For And Against Soil

Arguably the simplest option, given that you are adding nothing to what your plants are already embedded in. Apart from simplicity, the other advantage of simply using soil as it is, is that there are no further materials to be purchased, and thus no further costs to be incurred, which might be important for those on an extremely tight budget.

Relocating Your Office

5 Questions You Must Ask When Relocating Your Office

There are office relocations which take place almost every day, that, unfortunately, are happening for no other reason than the business owner fancied a change of scenery. Many of these moves will have no detrimental impact on their business, but there are also many which do.

Relocating an office is not something which should be done on a whim, and before you actually set the wheels in motion for one, you have to be certain that you are moving your business for the correct reasons.

To help you determine if this is the case, there are a number of questions that you should be asking about any potential relocation with the help of Removalists Western Suburbs. The answers to those questions will tell you whether an office relocation is the right or the wrong move for your business.

Is The New Location Convenient For Employees and Clients?

Although it differs from business to business, in most cases the closer a business can be to its market and its client base the better. For this reason, if you are thinking about relocating your office, it makes sense to establish whether or not it means you will be closer or not to where those clients are based.

In addition, a happy workforce is always an asset for any business so moving to an area that makes it more convenient for your staff to get to the office will be positive.

Green Cleaning

How Green Cleaning Can Transform Your Office

Different offices and business premises have significantly different ways of operating and therefore require different cleaning regimes. However, it doesn’t matter if you’re the owner of a digital marketing agency or a small mechanic shop – there’s one thing everyone can do to reduce the environmental impact of their cleaning regime.

Reevaluate and move to “green cleaning” wherever possible.

Okay, this might sound like more trouble than it’s worth, but it’s not. I promise! In the rest of this article, I’m going to outline a few popular ways to transition to green cleaning, as well as its benefits and a few ways it could transform your office environment.

How Can We Transition to Green Cleaning?

To begin with, you should sit down and have a chat with your commercial cleaning company. Let them know that you would like to implement green cleaning techniques and that they should stop using toxic chemicals and anything else that could have a negative environmental impact.

Blocked Pipes

Top Tips for Preventing Blocked Pipes

Blocked pipes can be frustrating at best and extremely expensive to fix at worst. Blockages are a significant cause of plumbing failure, but the good news is that they can be avoided if you’re careful.

If you have just had your kitchen plumbing fixed or have had your bathroom renovated by Bathroom Renovations Perth, taking a few simple actions during your everyday cleaning and maintenance routines can help avoid significant problems in the future. In the rest of this article, you will find a list of our top tips for preventing blocked pipes and keeping your plumbing in good condition throughout the year.

  1. Don’t Put Food Down the Drain

You might think there’s nothing wrong with putting food down the drain. In the end, it will wash away with your wastewater, right? Wrong!

Washing food scraps, coffee grinds, and anything else not liquid down the sink is a recipe for disaster. Foreign material is one of Australia’s leading causes of drain blockages, so it’s essential to ensure all food waste ends up in the trash.

Glass Pool Fencing

The Pros And Cons Of Glass Pool Fencing

With the recent rise in the number of people landscaping their backyards with elegant and stylish elements, modern glass balustrades have become a popular way to include pools in landscape design. Glass is quickly becoming one of the most widely used pool fencing materials, which means that it’s essential to consider the ins and outs of using it.

To help you decide whether you should be using Glass for your new pool fence, we’vecompiledr a short list of the pros and cons of glass pool fencing. Find it below:

Pros Of Glass Pool Fencing:

The pros of using Glass as a pool fencing material are numerous, and include:

Glass is easy to maintain – Keeping your pool fence clean and well-maintained is crucial. Many fencing materials are hard to maintain, requiring regular cleaning and repairs. However, Glass is straightforward to clean, and the simplicity of most glass fences means they are deficient in maintenance.

Roll-Out Ready Lawn

Benefits of Roll-Out Ready Lawn

Roll-out ready lawn, instant lawn, ready-made lawn, it may have different names, but it all means the same thing: convenience. Whether your current garden is worse for wear, or you’re creating a whole new landscaping plan, this product can provide no end of satisfaction. Find out below why instant lawn options could be perfect for you.

It’s Cost Effective

You might think that next to growing grass from seed, ready lawn is expensive. However, what if you compared it to other landscaping materials you may have used instead? Concrete, paving stones, plants, and synthetic turf are often far more expensive to buy than instant lawn. Adding more lawn to your landscape design plan, as opposed to more plants, can end up being the more affordable option in the scheme of things.

You Don’t Have to Grow It

Growing grass can be quite an arduous process. You have to tend to it regularly, including stopping birds and wildlife from making off with the delicious seeds. At the end of the growing process, you’re not always guaranteed a perfect lawn either. Many things can stop it growing to its full potential. With a ready lawn, what you see is what you get, and there’s no growing involved, so all you need to worry about is a lawn care program to keep your lawn in top condition.

Swimming Pool

How to Choose the Right Swimming Pool

Choosing to landscape your property is a significant step to take, but not everyone is skilled in or an expert in landscape design. As a result, you can run into many problems if you try to go through the process alone. But, it’s not only plant and footpath placement that can be a problem, but more considerable additions such as a custom swimming pool as well.

You may have an idea in mind of the swimming pool you would like, but how will it fit into your overall landscape design? It might be time to pay attention to these tips below or call in the landscape design experts such as Harrison’s Landscaping.

  1. Budget

It’s okay to have dreams of a large, extravagant pool repairs or renovations that will be the envy of your entire neighbourhood, but is it within your budget? Before you put pencil to paper and sketch out what you want, you need to ensure it’s within your budget. Landscape design is one thing, but putting that design into action is entirely another. Get quotes from landscaping companies in your area.

  1. Sizing

The sizing is possibly the most critical part of the landscape design process. Does it need to work within an area of your home that already features landscaping? Or, do you have a blank canvas with which to work? Fortunately, you don’t even need a lawn area to have a pool. You can benefit from rooftop terrace plunge pools and small pools that sit in nooks in your backyard.

  1. Style

Some people want swimming pools they can do laps in, while others prefer them for entertaining and relaxing. Your needs can dictate the style. A lap pool tends to be longer and narrower, while a pool for entertaining is often wide to cater for more people. Experts can incorporate almost any style into your landscape design.

Buy Limestone Blocks

Why You Should Always Buy Limestone Blocks From A Professional Supplier

Limestone is a great building material. It is tough, durable, relatively inexpensive and quite easy to use. Things like retaining walls and fences can be created with large limestone blocks, while smaller blocks can be used to build things like garden beds and paths. Limestone bricks are becoming quite a popular structural material for houses and new buildings.

However, it’s important to make sure that you get your building supplies and specifically limestone blocks from a reputable supplier. Since they are often used as a structural material, they need to be strong and internally sound. There’s nothing worse than building a nice retaining wall out of brand new limestone, only to have it crumble or break within a few months or a year.

With this in mind, I’ve put together a list of my top 3 reasons why you should always source your limestone blocks from a professional supplier – failing to do so can lead to all sorts of problems. These include:

  1. Limestone Blocks Sourced From A Reputable Supplier Will Be Structurally Sound

This point mainly applies to reconstituted limestone blocks – blocks which are moulded from a mixture of crushed limestone and cement. If they aren’t built right or if the cement and limestone are mixed in the wrong proportions, reconstituted blocks can be weaker than expected.

This can be a major problem if they’re being used for things like retaining walls, where strength is an essential attribute. Make sure that you always buy your reconstituted blocks from a reliable supplier who can give you strength tests.