carpet cleaning

Q: How often should carpet cleaning be done? Is it better to wait as long as I can?

A: NO. Years ago, holding off on the carpet cleaning was a common theory. That was due to there being no way to clean a carpet without leaving a soapy residue. People used to say that their carpets tended to become dirtier after cleaning. That method of cleaning no longer exists and residue is no longer a problem.

It’s a proven fact that your health can be affected by dirty carpets. Don’t think of your carpet as being a great looking floor covering, or an effective way to muffle room echoes or as a fashion statement. Your carpet is the largest air filter in your home! Those fibres are hanging onto pollens, soils, allergens, bacteria and a heap of other contaminants that, if not in your carpet, would be floating around in the air.

Today, a professional cleaner, using a truck mounted steam cleaning procedure, will do a great job that will not need to be repeated for 12 – 16 months.

Q: Does cleaning my carpet have a negative effect on the carpet?

A: ABSOLUTELY NOT! In fact, cleaning your carpet has the opposite effect. A proper, professional clean will add life to your carpet.

Q: Does it matter what sort of spot remover I use on my carpet?

A: YES, IT DOES! Not every over the counter spot remover is suitable for your carpet. Remember these tips –

  • never use a cleaner that has an oxidizing bleach in it. As that will remove the colour in your carpet.
  • Always follow up the use of a spot remover with cold water to remove any chemical residue.

Q: Is constant vacuuming of my carpet a bad thing to do?

A: NO! the lack of vacuuming your carpet is more likely to be a bad thing. Soils and allergens should be vacuumed when they are still close to the carpet’s surface. The longer you leave it the more they become deeply embedded in the base of the carpet.

People that are sensitive to allergens can suffer some respiratory problems or perhaps an allergic reaction. Keep your carpet clean and you will stay healthier.

Q: Will your allergies get worse by having a carpet?

A: NO! as stated before, your carpet is a huge air filter. Regular cleaning by professional carpet cleaner will be a great help to allergy sufferers.

Q: What do you recommend as the best carpet cleaning system?

A: Any system that leaves no residue. A system that uses hot water extraction or steam cleaning is the best option. A qualified, professional cleaner will clean your carpet and leave it almost dry.

Q: How long does the carpet take to dry after this type of cleaning?

A: Depending on weather conditions, the average drying time is  to 3 hours.

Q: Does steam cleaning a carpet leave an odour?

A: NO. There is a carpet pre-treatment carried out before the final cleaning. A normal, dirty carpet should leave no odour after it has been cleaned.