Types of Fencing

Would you put up a home security fencing as a safeguard or as a response? Some people do it as a result of something already happening. Others consider home security as a sort of pre-emptive action. It’s better to be prepared and have made all your plans and choices instead of after something has happened. By then you’re your valuables have been stolen. A bit late. A really simple way to secure your home is by installing a security fence.

Fencing Material

That fence can be made from either chain link, wood, bricks and mortar, limestone blocks or steel rods. It all depends on the look you are after.  It also depends on your budget. You might have reasons to prefer chain link, or you might opt for the installation of a wooden fence. For real privacy and staying in fashion with ‘Games of Thrones’, dig a trench, construct a granite block wall, turrets and parapets and drop in a drawbridge. Kidding! Although in some neighborhoods even this level of security is merely a challenge.

Chain Link?

A security fence made from chain link is going to be a whole lot cheaper than one made from timber. It might even give you a psychological barrier that will make you feel safer. However, everyone can see into your yard and it’s doubtful the fence will act as a strong deterrent for criminal activity. They are certainly harder to scale and climb over. But, oh, the look! A chain link security fence doesn’t look terribly attractive and it’s not something a lot of people would choose to have around their house. The neighbours would say it looks like a compound, that’s if you were even allowed to erect it.


A home security fence made from wood is going to cost you a whole lot more. But you have some options. The type of timber, the picket pattern and you can paint it whatever colour you like. With some pointy picket tips, criminals might opt not to want to climb it and it certainly will add value to your home because they look good.


If you opt for a combination brick and timber, or brick and iron style home security fence, the cost goes up again. You need foundations for the brick piers and the structural aspect of building it is a lot higher and will probably require a professional fencer to do the installation.

Steel railing and uprights between the piers is another option but this may mean hauling out the welder from the garage workshop, assuming you are a real handyman. Otherwise, it’s best to get a professional to design and install.

The Truth?

It’s a fact that most home security systems, be it fencing, door locks, electronic security or even a patrolling guard are simply deterrents for would-be opportunistic thieves and criminals. A real professional burglar will always be able to get into wherever he wants, whenever he wants. What most people want is that ‘sense’ of security and keeping your property as safe as you can with security fencing and other systems is a good way to achieve that.