Kitchen Design

Space-saving kitchen design does not mean compromising on style or functionality. Various trendy kitchen design ideas, from innovative storage options to chic small-scale appliances, can help you maximize the space in your home. Following the advice of Kitchen Professionals, some of the most recent trends in kitchen design include:

  1. Small, mighty appliances – You can place revamped vintage appliances such as stoves and vintage-look refrigerators that are available in smaller sizes. These devices provide the required functionality without sacrificing on style. It would be best if you looked for vintage appliances that can fit in your kitchen space.
  2. Single-bowl sink – Opting for a single-bowled sink over a double-bowl counterpart can save you a lot of counter space. You can find small-scale single-bowled sinks in all varieties and styles.
  3. Under-mount sink – If you want to save every inch of your kitchen space, opt for a small, under-mount, single-bowl sink. This way, you can keep more counter workspace beside the sink since its edges will be well concealed.

  1. Wall-mounted storage – If you have a blank wall in your small kitchen, you can make the most of that space by mounting racks on the wall. You can use S-hooks to hang kitchen tools or install a magnetic rack to keep knives.
  2. MacGyver-style island- You can try keeping all necessary items in a compact all-in-one island. A custom island can have a sink, a stove, prep space, a range, and storage space for pots and pans, spices, knives, and garbage.
  3. Pull-out pantry- If your small kitchen does not have space for a proper pantry, you can create a slim pull-out pantry by tucking into the tightest spaces.
  4. Minimalist hardware- In a narrow galley kitchen, you can easily knock into large handles and knobs. Therefore, you should choose slender, sleek hardware designs for minimalist pulls. You can complement the narrow space with proper lighting and high-gloss cabinets.
  5. Vertical Cabinets, touching the ceiling- In small space kitchens, it is advisable to have vertical cabinets reaching the height of the roof as an additional storage option. Ceiling-height cabinets even help visually expand the space.
  6. No door- Removing the kitchen door visually expands the small kitchen space. It also provides extra space to move freely around.
  7. Keep best-paired utensils- Keep only the best utensils in your small kitchen, be it knives, glassware, tea kettle, or other frequently used tools. Purge any clutter hanging around your kitchen space. Choose clear glass and acrylic for the items that are kept on display. Keeping transparent items in small kitchen spaces make them appear more spacious.

Follow these kitchen trends to adore your small kitchens with better aesthetics and enhanced spaciousness!