Relocating Your Office

There are office relocations which take place almost every day, that, unfortunately, are happening for no other reason than the business owner fancied a change of scenery. Many of these moves will have no detrimental impact on their business, but there are also many which do.

Relocating an office is not something which should be done on a whim, and before you actually set the wheels in motion for one, you have to be certain that you are moving your business for the correct reasons.

To help you determine if this is the case, there are a number of questions that you should be asking about any potential relocation with the help of Removalists Western Suburbs. The answers to those questions will tell you whether an office relocation is the right or the wrong move for your business.

Is The New Location Convenient For Employees and Clients?

Although it differs from business to business, in most cases the closer a business can be to its market and its client base the better. For this reason, if you are thinking about relocating your office, it makes sense to establish whether or not it means you will be closer or not to where those clients are based.

In addition, a happy workforce is always an asset for any business so moving to an area that makes it more convenient for your staff to get to the office will be positive.

Have You Determined How You Plan To Use The New Office Space?

There is plenty you need to plan when moving offices, and it beggar’s belief that many business owners do not plan where each section, department, and piece of office equipment is going to be located, until the day of the move. This can often mean it takes days for everyone, and more importantly, the business as a whole, to get back to normal working

For any office relocation to be successful, an integral part of the planning must be how the new office is going to be laid out, where each person is going to be located, and that everyone on the team is aware of that plan, prior to the move.

Does The New Office Allow For Further Expansion?

A big mistake some business owners make when relocating is that they choose a space that equates to how their business is performing now, rather than how it might expand and operate in the future. That means that when the business grows, yet another relocation may be required.

A better strategy, if the budget allows, is to move to premises that may be larger than is currently needed, but which will be suitable when the business grows, additional staff are employed, and further office capacity is needed.

Does Your New Office Present The Best First Impression Of Your Business?

As we are often told, looks are not everything, but in the world of business, they go a long way, especially the first impression someone has of a business. Present a poor one and a potential client will look elsewhere. Present a good one, and they are more likely to become a customer.

We are not saying pay well over the odds for big swanky offices, but at least look for offices which you would be confident of inviting any new or existing clients to visit you for a meeting.

Are You Employing Professional Relocators for You Office Relocation?

There are no ifs, buts, or maybes with this question. The answer simply has to be an emphatic ‘Yes!’. Try to do it yourself, or with a cheap outfit, and it could be a disaster.