Blocked Pipes

Top Tips for Preventing Blocked Pipes

Blocked pipes can be frustrating at best and extremely expensive to fix at worst. Blockages are a significant cause of plumbing failure, but the good news is that they can be avoided if you’re careful.

If you have just had your kitchen plumbing fixed or have had your bathroom renovated by Bathroom Renovations Perth, taking a few simple actions during your everyday cleaning and maintenance routines can help avoid significant problems in the future. In the rest of this article, you will find a list of our top tips for preventing blocked pipes and keeping your plumbing in good condition throughout the year.

  1. Don’t Put Food Down the Drain

You might think there’s nothing wrong with putting food down the drain. In the end, it will wash away with your wastewater, right? Wrong!

Washing food scraps, coffee grinds, and anything else not liquid down the sink is a recipe for disaster. Foreign material is one of Australia’s leading causes of drain blockages, so it’s essential to ensure all food waste ends up in the trash.