carpet cleaning

Questions and Answers About Carpet Cleaning


Q: How often should carpet cleaning be done? Is it better to wait as long as I can?

A: NO. Years ago, holding off on the carpet cleaning was a common theory. That was due to there being no way to clean a carpet without leaving a soapy residue. People used to say that their carpets tended to become dirtier after cleaning. That method of cleaning no longer exists and residue is no longer a problem.

It’s a proven fact that your health can be affected by dirty carpets. Don’t think of your carpet as being a great looking floor covering, or an effective way to muffle room echoes or as a fashion statement. Your carpet is the largest air filter in your home! Those fibres are hanging onto pollens, soils, allergens, bacteria and a heap of other contaminants that, if not in your carpet, would be floating around in the air.

Today, a professional cleaner, using a truck mounted steam cleaning procedure, will do a great job that will not need to be repeated for 12 – 16 months.

Types of Fencing

Security Fencing for Home


Would you put up a home security fencing as a safeguard or as a response? Some people do it as a result of something already happening. Others consider home security as a sort of pre-emptive action. It’s better to be prepared and have made all your plans and choices instead of after something has happened. By then you’re your valuables have been stolen. A bit late. A really simple way to secure your home is by installing a security fence.

Fencing Material

That fence can be made from either chain link, wood, bricks and mortar, limestone blocks or steel rods. It all depends on the look you are after.  It also depends on your budget. You might have reasons to prefer chain link, or you might opt for the installation of a wooden fence. For real privacy and staying in fashion with ‘Games of Thrones’, dig a trench, construct a granite block wall, turrets and parapets and drop in a drawbridge. Kidding! Although in some neighborhoods even this level of security is merely a challenge.