alfresco furniture

When you book a holiday to Bali or any other country, the last thing that is likely to be on your mind is purchasing outdoor furniture. But once you arrive at your holiday destination and decide to check out all the shopping opportunities you may well change your mind. Bali and other parts of Indonesia have some beautiful, handcrafted alfresco furniture that you may well want to take home with you.

That’s where you can run into a lot of problems. It is not that easy to arrange for safe transport, given the furniture must go by sea and you will need to arrange for the many different legs of the journey. First it has to be taken to a local port, then packed into a container and loaded onto the right ship, then after it arrives in Australia you’ll need to organise a truck to bring it to your home.  This seems to be a lot of hassle, especially when you are on holiday and want to enjoy yourself.

But you can get outdoor furniture much more easily, simply by shopping at a furniture store in Australia that has already imported it.  They have done all the work needed to import it so you don’t have to.  They will most likely arrange to have it delivered right to your garden as well.  You’ll be able to point out where you want it and the job will be done.

Meanwhile, all you needed to do was choose it, pay and be there when it arrives. That’s a whole lot easier than trying to import it yourself from another country. One thing you have to remember is that if something goes wrong with the purchase or the shipping, it’s a long way to go to fix it. And even though you have phone and email to help you, discussing such things with people who may not understand your language fully can make it very difficult.  In fact, you will not be the only one to get irritated or upset; those people may feel bad because they can’t work out how help you the way they want to.

So if you love Bali wicker furniture or any other types, don’t worry about buying it in Bali, but choose the easy way and wait until you return home to make the purchase. Your dollars are then being used to help both an Australian company and an overseas one as well.  This is ideal for those who feel they like to help businesses in a third world country, especially one where they’ve really enjoyed their holiday.

Meanwhile, you’ve also helped yourself get what you want in an easy and stress-free way. You’ll be able to enjoy some downtime in your outdoor oasis, relaxing on your outdoor furniture.