Types of Timber Floor

The appearance of a room is limited only by the quality of the timber flooring material used. Blackbutt, Jarrah, Karri and Oak are great options. At the point when you are building your new home and looking at designs, don’t overlook the choice of hardwood timber flooring just because of the additional cost. From an aesthetic and structural point of view, you can’t go wrong.

Important qualities of flooring material is that it should look great and have the ability to withstand appliances and furniture as well as the foot traffic in certain areas. If the floor you choose to install can satisfy these requirements and be both beautiful and durable, then it should be given serious consideration when planning your home.

Décor With Wooden Floors

Timbers such as Blackbutt, Jarrah and Oak, for example, provide a beautiful finish because of their natural colours. You can have light tan to pale brown. Imagine the colours in your home as being comfortable and inviting and remember, timber floors rarely clash with a variety of decorating styles. Your timber flooring would be a great host to furniture made from lighter coloured wood and the addition of darker, contrasting materials.

For example: a cream sofa and oak tables will look as good as a brown leather couch and furniture made with darker hardwood. From a design perspective, the flooring material will flow across a room in a consistent and attractive manner.

Easy Maintenance

The aging of your floor is due to the foot traffic in common areas, spills, the accumulation of dust and the placement of furniture. Think about this at the design stage of your home and when selecting flooring material. By utilising hardwood timber flooring, the material will be resistant to termites and marine borer infestation.

Also, a hardwood timber floor retains its new appearance for a long time. The surface is easy to clean. Minor and major spills? Not a problem. The absorption of liquids on a hard wood surface is almost non-existent.

Design Choices

In the design phase, look at timber hardwood floors throughout the house. That means bedrooms, utility rooms and even the bathrooms will look spectacular if you offset the neutral tone of the wood with well-chosen furniture and other décor items. Take a look at some of the showcase homes you might find in a home magazine and you can see how a timber floor can dramatically change a room’s appearance making it a great asset. Given that the durability of this floor is going to guarantee a long lifespan this allows the homeowner to remodel without the design limitation associalted with other products.

When you look at all the advantages of hardwood timber flooring, it’s difficult to put that choice aside when you are designing your new home.

Timber flooring will certainly satisfy all your requirements when looking at flooring materials providing beauty and durability that will last far into the future.