Shade Sails

Shade is an important factor to enhance your life and make you feel more comfortable in the hot weather.  These days, shade sails from someone like Shade Sails Perth are often used to create the best kind of shade and there are many good reasons for choosing them over natural greenery such as trees. The most obvious one is that trees take a long time to grow, while a sail can be installed in a few days.

A sail can be placed close to the home, while having a tree in the same place could put your home in danger of falling branches, bushfires and problems with the electric wiring, not to mention roots from the tree tangling with your house foundations and plumbing.

Why would you want shade so very close to the home?

  1. Having shade thrown onto the wall or windows of the home will make it a lot cooler, saving on the cost of running the air conditioning.
  2. Shading the home means you can have the windows open to let some fresh air in, where you might want to keep them shut if the sun was shining in.
  3. Having shade means you can open the blinds and let more light in, without worrying about the sun fading the curtains, carpet or sofa.
  4. A sail angled to keep the sun out will also provide a measure of privacy, so you can enjoy looking out and know that others can’t really look in.

The further southwest it is, the lower the sun is in the sky. This causes a great deal more glare on the sunny side of homes than those located further north. Many homeowners add some kind of external awnings to the windows or verandahs just to cut the glare.  This has the effect of making rooms darker, especially if the windows are not really large.

Having a sail instead will ensure the rooms are lighter while still cutting glare and has the added advantages of creating more shade on the side of the house while providing a place for children to play outside without the risk of them getting sunburned.

You could set up a child’s swing or sandpit in the shade outside and have your own easy chair there so you can watch over them in comfort. Having regular shade in the same place each day means you could set up an outdoor place for everyone to enjoy once the weather is not excessively hot.

Adding shade also offers you the opportunity to grow shade-loving flowers and plants that would not do well in a garden that is very hot and sunny. Shade sails are angled to reduce the pull of wind, so they don’t flap about so much in windy or stormy weather.