shopping spree

When people go to Bali they want to do more than look at tourist spots or go surfing – at least, most of them do. What many people look forward to be going on a shopping spree.  This is not necessarily always about clothing and accessories for themselves. Often they take a list of stuff to buy for their family and friends. And sometimes they admire the beautiful furniture and wish they could fit that in their travel bag.  While this is not possible, it is possible to get Bali-type furniture such as outdoor wicker furniture from a furniture store that imports it.

So instead of wanting something that will take a great deal of effort and trouble to get back to Australia, let the store to all the work and all you’ll need to do is choose what you want and have it delivered.  If you were to purchase it while in Bali, you’d have to take a day out of your holiday to arrange for transport.  This will be 3 different legs of the journey, not just one.

  • First it has to go to the right port from the shop.
  • Then it must be loaded onto a ship bound for Australia and will probably have to share a container with other goods.
  • Then its final leg will be from the Australian port to your address.

Working all that out from Bali is quite a job, especially if you have to speak with people whose accent may be difficult to understand – and who have the same trouble when listening to your speech.  It could become very frustrating and you may not be sure it is going to the correct destination.

Another problem could be that if you intend to spend a long time in Bali that furniture may arrive on your doorstep before you get home again. So what is going to happen to it then?

If you want to make the best of your holiday in Bali or Indonesia, don’t try to import furniture yourself no matter how much you love it. Instead, take a photo of it, then when you get back home find a store that imports Bali furniture and find the very same chair or outdoor furniture by checking the image in your phone. That way you’ll have the best of both worlds; an enjoyable holiday with no time wasted and the goods you want with little effort.

You might also want to go easy on other purchases because you will have to bring them home with you and they are likely to weigh more than the allowed amount so you’ll have to pay excess as well as worrying about possible breakage.  Sticking to lightweight, unbreakable items is best.